America needs regeneration, not toleration

To the Editor:

I wanted to make note that i did not choose the titling of my most recent letter to the editor. I realize the homosexual habits like promiscuous sex have been around for a long time. But the point I want to re-emphasize is that Christianity took over rotten Rome, and many new Christians were former homosexuals, former prostitutes, etc.

To me, America is approaching the rotten stage of Rome and needs regeneration, not the embrace (toleration) of harmful behaviors. Americans need to tell their homosexual brethren (and the prostitutes) that there is a better way.

Our sacred text says: “Search Him with all your heart and you will find Him (strength to overcome).” When the gay advocates who say they are people of faith and they leave out the essence of faith i.e. redemption, regeneration, resurrection – their faith is valueless.

When Americans give credence to unwholesome and death defying behaviors, they renounce the power of faith and healing. This is why civil law upsets people of great faith.

Again, I want to quote our sacred text: “Woe to those leaders who decree unrighteous decrees and cause grievousness by them.” Isaiah 10:1

Finally, I heard news reports that maybe the last bastion of holiness (Ireland) was considering same sex marriage. That blew my mind! But you know, i have to think that maybe the leaders of my country (the most powerful on earth) may have had something to do with this. I hate to think my biblical nation-once the apple of de Tocqueville’s eye, was leading other nations astray.

I listened to CD Irish Tenors and they sang of America and freedom (not always a good thing) but they wistfully sing “but Ireland was not the isle they left behind.” Is that what is happening to Ireland and the rest of the world? Are we slobbering back to decadent Rome? Why? Did you ever think that maybe our nation is under judgment and that God is using cruel Isis to bring this judgment?

Elaine Graham,


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