Unsafe levels of arsenic, uranium, radon and other naturally occurring contaminants in drinking water are a huge problem here in Maine. I am writing to express my public support for LD 1162, An Act to Ensure Safe Drinking Water for All Maine Families.

What this bill does is to provide for testing of private wells.

At my home in Poland (about a mile from Poland Spring Bottling), we depend on well water. We have two wells on our property — one deep and one shallow; both are contaminated.

The deep well has naturally occurring contaminants, including uranium and radon. The shallow well has nitrate contamination from past farming. Without testing and mitigation, my family would be drinking contaminated water.

I worry about my friends and neighbors who are among the 50 percent of Mainers who do not know to test their wells at all, much less every three to five years, as is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I will be supporting LD 1162 and encourage others to express support of the bill to their representatives. One-in-10 private wells in Maine are estimated to be contaminated with unsafe arsenic levels, including many homes here in Androscoggin County.

LD 1162 is important for the safety of our children, and will go a long way to address the issue of unsafe drinking water and help to protect Maine families.

Mark Hyland, Poland Spring

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