FARMINGTON — The American Red Cross will go door-to-door at the Sunrise Village housing area, Sandy River Terrace and Sawtell Lane on Saturday, June 6, speaking with residents about fire safety, emergency escape plans and the importance of having working smoke alarms.

If a home needs smoke alarms, the Red Cross will install battery-operated models free.

More than 25 volunteers and fire department personnel will assist in installing the smoke alarms, talk about fire safety and discuss emergency escape plans. It is suggested that more than 65 homes will be assisted.

The event is part of the national fire preparedness campaign that launched last fall. The goal of the five-year initiative is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from fire by 25 percent nationally.

“Fire spreads very rapidly, so it’s critical to get out of your home as quickly as possible,” said Eric Lynes, disaster program manager at the American Red Cross.

Farmington Fire Department and the Franklin County Emergency Management Agency are involved in the effort.

FMI: 778-5883.

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