AVON — When Helen Storer heard glass breaking and then a loud shudder at about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, she bolted out of bed and went to the living room.

She turned on the light and was shocked at what she saw, she said Thursday.

A log had come through a living room window, just below one of her children’s bedrooms. Six to 7 feet of the log entered the house, landing on the couch, said her husband, Lance Storer.

The window was on the floor, Helen said. Glass and debris were strewn everywhere.

She called out to her two children sleeping upstairs to see if they were OK. They were. Lance was close behind her. Their main priority was their children, they said.

It was pitch-dark so Helen hadn’t realized the extent of the situation, she said. A tractor-trailer truck had rolled over and spilled its load of logs in the front and side yards of their home and into Route 4, also known as Rangeley Road.

Helen heard someone calling out. It was driver Steven Boyd, 27, of Phillips. He was injured, she said. She told him she was calling 911.

While her husband was inside with the children, she went outside to take care of the driver. She brought out a chair for him to sit in and a blanket to keep him warm.

Two shrubs and a tree were uprooted in the front yard. The bark had been scraped from two large trees in the front yard. The trees stopped many of the logs from continuing toward the house, though several did get through, Helen said.

The living room window was boarded up and a blue tarp hung over a bay window in the front of the house on Thursday.

Six windows were damaged, including one in the kitchen, as well as the exterior of the house. Some of the walls were cracked and the Sheetrock was mangled. Dirt covers a good section of the front yard where grass grew before the accident.

Lance called his father, who lives next door, to help. He brought flashlights. The three were outside while the children remained safely upstairs.

The Phillips Fire Department quickly arrived, followed by other emergency responders, Lance said. Some knew the family; others knew the driver.

The response was great, Helen said. The couple is very thankful for the help they received that morning.

They are also thankful that Lance’s father built a sturdy house.

Lance took the couch, a chair, two recliners and area rugs to the Transfer Station. They were covered in shards of glass. They never would have gotten it all out, Helen said.

When everything more-or-less calmed down, she hugged her children.

“We were all very lucky, ourselves and the driver,” she said.

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