Franklin County Babe Ruth League

Regular Season 2015


AYS Eagles 1-0

Farmington Falcons 1-0

Wilton Bears 0-0

AYS Hawks 0-1

Farmington Merchants 0-1

Monday, May 25

Farmington Merchants 7, AYS Eagles 18

AYS Hawks 1, Farmington Falcons 11

Saturday, May 30

5 p.m. Hawks at Wilton Bears

7 p.m. Merchants at Falcons

Sunday, May 31

5 p.m. Falcons at Eagles

7 p.m. Bears at Merchants

Friday, June 5

5 p.m. Merchants at Hawks

7 p.m. Eagles at Bears

Monday, June 8

5 p.m. Hawks at Eagles

7 p.m. Bears at Falcons

Friday, June 12

5 p.m. Falcons at Hawks

5 p.m. Merchants at Eagles

Sunday, June 14

5 p.m. Bears at Hawks

7 p.m. Falcons at Merchants

Wednesday, June 17

5 p.m. Eagles at Falcons

7 p.m. Merchants at Bears

Friday, June 19

5 p.m. Bears at Eagles

7 p.m. Hawks at Merchants

Sunday, June 21

5 p.m. Eagles at Hawks

7 p.m. Falcons at Bears

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