NEW GLOUCESTER — Josh McHenry was unanimously elected chairman of the Board of Selectmen on Monday and Linda Chase, who won her fourth term last week, was named vice chairman again.

Selectman Stephen Hathorne was welcomed to the board after his election last week.

The board opened three bids for a dump truck cab and chassis and two bids for a dump body, sand spreader and plow gear. The proposals will be reviewed by staff and a recommendation made to the board June 29.

The board took action on violation letters issued by Code Enforcement Officer Debra Parks Larravee to two property owners.

At 13 Outlet Road, the board granted 60 days to Sharon Seamon who is the duly appointed guardian of Theresa J. Reynolds, owner of the property, to address high-priority safety issues. The house burned nearly a decade ago and the property needs to be secured and a gaping hole filled.

The board gave Kristin Searles of North Yarmouth 90 days to deal with violations of a dangerous building (unsanitary/public safety) safety hazard at 42 Church Road.

Searles has 90 days to make safe the building foundation hole, demolish the fallen-down garage on the Estes Road side of the property, demolish or make safe a green garage behind the home site, demolish the fallen-down structure in the center of the lot and remove rubbish, junk, metal pieces, a junked pickup truck.

Failure to comply will result in court action and fines.

The board agreed to set up a Public Works Garage Design Committee comprised of five residents, Selectmen Steve Libby and Josh McHenry, Public Works Director Ted Shane and Town Planner Will Johnston. Interested residents should apply at the Town Office during business hours.

The board will hold a joint meeting on proposed ordinance revisions with the Land Management Committee at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 24. A new set of zoning standards for Upper Village aims to promote appropriate development there consistent with goals of the Upper Village Master Plan.

The board approved carrying the following expense account funds forward to 2016: $7,602 for the Outlet Road Bridge; $185 for Town Hall windows; $2,000 for additional legal representation deductibles related to a plow truck accident in September 2013 in the insurance deductible account.

The board will return $12,000 to the Undesignated Fund Account from unexpended paving funds.

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