I disagree with Diane Poirier who wrote that the Democrat Party is the “best choice” (June 12).

The conservatives, not necessarily Republicans?, are strong supporters of the Constitution, want a strong military and national security. They believe people should take responsibility for their actions and be self reliant. They want smaller, less intrusive government and less taxation.

The Democrats do not agree with any of these, it seems. Their message is ” business is evil,” CEOs are overpaid and free speech is situational. Bigger government with more regulations, more entitlements and redistribution of wealth are daily objectives of the Obama administration. Tax the rich is the way to solve all problems.

I would remind Ms. Poirier that most of the states and cities in our great country that have the most problems are run or have — for years — been run by Democrats. Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, California, Rhode Island and Illinois are prime examples.

Searches on Snopes and Google revealed:

• 7 of the 10 most dangerous cities are in blue states and run by Democrats;

• 7 of the 10 best run states have Republican governors and one independent. Only Vermont and Minnesota have Democrat governors;

• 31 states now have Republican governors. Interestingly, 7 of the 10 worst run states now have newly elected Republican governors, after years under control of Democrats; and

• All 10 of our poorest cities are under control of Democrats. The cities are listed with the years they last had a Republican mayor: Detroit 1961, Buffalo 1954, Cincinnati 1984, Cleveland 1989, St. Louis 1949, Milwaukee 1908, Philadelphia 1952 and Newark 1907. Miami and El Paso have never had a Republican mayor.

Democrat control alone is not causation for failing schools, high crime rate, 25 percent unemployment among black teenagers, 75 percent out of wedlock births, etc., but the policies of Democrats that have developed a philosophy of victimization and entitlement among the minority communities are huge contributing factors.

The good news for some of these cities and states is that they are seeing some good progress since they elected some Republicans.

Hopefully, others are starting to pay attention.

George Jones, Otisfield

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