From the pages of the Livermore Falls Advertiser 

75 years ago:  

A baseball game between the Chisholm Arcadians and the Livermore Falls Barkers will be played on Sunday afternoon, July 28, at 3 p.m. at the Jay High School grounds. The game is a benefit affair and the proceeds will go towards the purchase of bleachers for the new school athletic field.

New England Creamery Co., of Everett, Mass., and Livermore Falls, ME., filed a voluntary petition in bankruptcy today in the United States District Court listing liabilities of $82,321 and assets of $13,170.

The local branch of the company is operating under the supervision of an agent appointed for that purpose.

The Riley Hilltoppers 4-H Club met recently. The eight members present began work on a quilt which will be sold in the fall to raise money for the club.

At the close of Norland Grange’s business meeting last Saturday evening, twenty eight cars left the hall for a mystery ride. They first travelled to the Campgrounds. From there, they went to Twelve Corners where some ten cars of Starling members joined the parade over Moose Hill to the Souther Road. The procession finally arrived at Francis Pike’s new barn where the Chisholm Mountaineers furnished music for dancing.

This was one of the largest mystery rides ever seen in these parts. Over two hundred people were present with guests from thirteen granges.

50 years ago:  

Twenty six Livermore Falls reservists will begin their summer training when Maine’s 417th Regiment (USAR) leaves for Fort Dix, New Jersey for two weeks of active duty training. The ANACDUTRA (ANual ACtive DUty TRAining) period extends from July 31 through August 14. Four officers and twenty two enlisted men, members of “D” Company, 2nd Battalion, will leave from the Livermore Falls reserve training center at 2 o’clock Saturday morning.

The 417th Regiment (BCT), a basic combat training unit, is Maine’s largest reserve organization. It will provide training and administrative support to the 4th Training Regiment and Faculty group at the Fort Dix U.S. Army Training Center.

Leslie Boothby of RFD 2, Livermore Falls, is the commander of “D” Company.

Fire of undetermined origin caused very little monetary damage to one of the buildings of Isaacson Lumber Company at Shy Saturday afternoon. The fire was in one of the buildings formerly owned by the Burnham and Morrill canning factory. No equipment was lost or damaged and that section of the business was back in operation on Monday.

All the town’s equipment answered the alarm. Several firemen were cut by glass. They were treated by Raymond Cloutier of the Androscoggin County Civil Defense.

Several people in Fayette have been troubled of late by thefts. Among the items taken are a bag of cement, a large amount of sheet lead, and a step ladder. Potatoes have been dug and taken away from gardens. It is hoped that the apprehension of those responsible will occur very soon as the police are on the job.

A chicken barbecue and public auction will be held Saturday at the Brettun’s grange. This affair is taking the place of the usual October grange fair.

25 years ago:  

Concerned citizens from the Strickland area met recently with the Livermore Falls Planning Board to discuss the need of a minimum living standard ordinance for the town.

The Planning Board will consider setting a minimum standard to include electricity, running water, and a septic disposal system.

A trailer has recently been moved into the Strickland area and is being occupied by eight persons. The trailer lacks running water and sanitary facilities.

Neighbors complain that a hole in the ground is being used for disposal of human waste.

Several junk cars at the site are also being dealt with.

The Livermore Falls Public Works Director says the town is looking for farmers, or other landowners, who would like to have treated sludge spread on their land. The sludge has been found to be an excellent fertilizer, reducing the need for commercial fertilizer and saving money for those who allow sludge to be spread on their land. Livermore Falls will work with interested farmers to obtain the necessary Department of Environmental Protection permit approvals.

The Deacon house was alive with activity as Livermore-Livermore Falls Historical Society members donated their time and talents to a clean-up day at the lovely old home.

The front entrance was restored and a busy crew was hard at work painting the refurbished area.

The house originally was a five room cape built in 1779. In 1793, it was enlarged to its current dimensions. In 1795, the first town meeting in Livermore was held in the Deacon Livermore house.

Many people don’t realize that this house is even older than the Norlands, which came later in the 1850s. Considering the building’s age, it’s in beautiful condition.

The Bowman Field Flying Club is busy repairing buildings in preparation for the 4th Annual Bowman Field Fly In.

Admission to the Fly In is free. There will be radio controlled airplanes, games, prizes, a bombing contest and lots of fun for the whole family. There’s also hope of getting some special stunt planes for the day.

Compiled by Pam Harnden. 

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