PARIS — Felony drug charges against one of two men arrested Wednesday evening were dismissed Friday by a judge for lack of probable cause. 

Oxford County Active-Retired Justice Robert Clifford tossed out a Paris Police Department complaint charging Brock Leach with aggravated drug trafficking.

The same charge against co-defendant Anthony Moore, 39, of Paris was not dismissed. 

Leach, 39, of Mexico and Moore were arrested around midnight Wednesday after police executed a search warrant at a Main Street residence and recovered eight “rocks” believed to be heroin. 

They were transported to the Oxford County Jail in Paris and each held for violating the conditions of probation.

According to a police affidavit, Maine Drug Enforcement agents, Oxford County deputies, as well as Norway and Paris police found the heroin inside a jacket belonging to Moore, who told police the drugs must have already been planted inside the jacket when he purchased it from a co-worker at a job site.

Police said they also found a shotgun, two handguns, $4,000 in cash, marijuana, bags containing heroin residue, scales and a ledger they said contained a list of clients.

Leach, who was in the residence at the time, declined to answer questions, police said. Police arrested him on the grounds that they had probable cause to believe that based upon evidence found at the apartment and surveillance of possible drug deals at the home that he engaged in trafficking the drugs with Moore. 

Leach is on probation for a felony drug trafficking conviction in 2014, according to the police complaint. 

Moore was also charged with violating bail conditions. Bail was set at $5,000 cash or a Maine Pretrial Services contract. 

As of Friday afternoon Leach was being held at the jail for a probation violation. 

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