LEWISTON — Three city councilors announced they will not seek another two-year term.

“I’ve been on the council for six years and I’ve taken a lot of time away from my business and my family,” Ward 6’s Mark Cayer, council president, said. “I need to take a break. Hopefully one day, if the public will have me, I’ll run again at some point.”

Ward 2’s Don D’Auteuil and Ward 3’s Nate Libby also will not run this year.

D’Auteuil also cited family and work commitments as his reason, but said his decision was boosted by splits on the council.

“It does not seem like it’s as worth it this term,” he said. “The division of the council has made it difficult. It’s one thing to give up time with family, if you feel you are getting something accomplished. It’s something else if you don’t feel that way.”

Councilors have split this term on affordable housing projects, work on Lisbon Street and General Assistance for asylum-seekers.

“At this level of government, politics should really not be a part of it,” D’Auteuil said. “I don’t play the political game but a lot of people do.”

Libby, who is also a state senator, said it’s a matter of time management for him.

“I’m also a consultant and a landlord and a dad and a husband,” Libby said. “I just need to do a little bit better, managing my time.”

Cayer was first elected to the council in November 2009 and began serving in January 2010. He was elected council president in 2012, leading meetings when the mayor was absent.

D’Auteuil and Libby began their time with council in 2012.

So far, 11 candidates have signaled their intention to run in November by taking out nomination petitions.

All would-be candidates for City Council, mayor and School Committee have until Sept. 4 to file petitions. They can register and pick them up at the City Clerk’s office in City Hall.

Seven councilors, the mayor and all School Committee members are to be elected Nov. 3.

Isobel Moiles of 47 Nichols St. and Jared Lussier of 68 Wood St. are seeking Libby’s Ward 3 council seat.

Former Ward 1 City Councilor Stavros Mendros is passing petitions to qualify for the Ward 2 council seat.

Nobody has taken out papers for the Ward 6 seat.

“I know people in the community are working and actively trying to engage people to run,” Cayer said. “If it’s a week before and nobody has taken papers out, then I might get concerned.”

Ward 4’s Shane Bouchard and Ward 7’s Michael Lachance have secured spots on the ballot.

Bouchard has no challengers now. Kristine Kittridge of 277 Lisbon St. is passing petitions for the Ward 7 seat.

Leslie Dubois from Ward 1 and Kristen Cloutier from Ward 5 are also passing nominations petitions. Their challengers are Jim Lysen of 26 Taylor Hill Road and Richard L. White of 232 Blake St., respectively.

Mayor Bob Macdonald took out nomination papers Monday. Ben Chin and Stan Pelletier are seeking to challenge him.

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