Unbeknownst to most Mainers, on May 6 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration admitted to introducing Canadian weather stations and rewriting state climate history in 2011 and early 2014.

NOAA dramatically lowered Maine temperature averages between these rewrites. In the federal government’s frenzy to preserve the mantra of continuous global warming, 254 degrees of Maine climate history (since 1895) was carved out to make the past look far colder.

NOAA’s computer reprogramming accidentally made southern Maine colder than the rest of Maine. Oops! Just one more example of fantasy climate manipulation.

Inconvenient truths fly in the face of NOAA’s altered climate data. In 2015, Penobscot Bay froze over for only the sixth time since 1893. Bangor broke records with teeth-chattering 34-degree averages during the first six months of 2015.

Local Lewiston climate records indicate the southern interior region will likely break a 111-year-old climate record established in 1904 of 41.2 average degrees.

Volcanic eruptions by Iceland’s Bardarbunga (Aug. 16, 2014 through Mar. 2, 2015) assure a continued unusual cooling trend for New England.

However, even though NOAA artificially lowered Maine’s southern interior region temperature averages down to 38.3 degrees, even upon breaking the true 1904 record, NOAA will still proclaim 2015 the 101st warmest year ever.

Has NOAA been corrupted by politicians with expensive climate agendas?

Michael Brakey, New Gloucester

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