July days are hurrying by. Gardens are growing and lawns always need mowing.

I feel that we are having a rather cool summer. Probably the oil men ordered a cool summer so they could sell more oil. Regardless of the weather it is nice to enjoy outdoor activities and also to do outside repair jobs while the snow shovels and scoops hang quietly in the shed, having some time to relax. All too soon they will be hard at work again and the lawn mowers will be resting.

If your mower is as old and feeble as my mower is they really need an eternal rest. However, my billfold says “No way!”

The days are already a few minutes shorter and as someone mentioned the other morning it felt a little like fall. Fair time will soon be here and although the Farmington Fair sounds like fall I wonder how many of the readers of this column know that this is a very special year for the fair. It is the 175th anniversary of the fair. That is right, our fair was started in 1840.

Everyone who can should exhibit in the exhibition hall so there will be a really outstanding display for everyone to enjoy. I always enjoy going to the fair. There are, however, two improvements that I would like to see made.

I would like to see a ramp going to the second floor of the exhibition hall. A friend of mine suggested that there could be a ramp on the outside of the building. In that way it would not use up space inside the hall.

My other suggestion is that we erect a separate building for 4-H work. In that way our young people would have more room to exhibit their work and they could also carry on other 4-H activities. After all, these youth are the future of the fair and the community. They should have top priority.

P.S.: Remember to enjoy a lobster roll at the Fairbanks booth. See you at the fair.

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