Temperatures for the week were quite variable. The first three days were summer-like, with temperatures in the 80’s. Later in the week it seemed as though we were experiencing September conditions. A 43 degree reading in the morning of the 17th was preceded by a 47 degree reading on the 16th. If the forecast is correct the approaching week will be similar.

Dry conditions prevailed until Saturday the 18th, 0.06 inches except for the minor showers on the 15th that deposited 0.06 of an inch of water in the gauge. By 10 p.m., Saturday evening, this area had received 0.16 of an inch, with more in the forecast.

We baled the last of the first crop of hay on Tuesday the 14th. If the baler counter reads correctly the bale count is 6,850 bales, about 800 higher than last year. With favorable hay drying weather predicted by mid-week, we will start harvesting 2nd crop hay from fields cut before mid-June. it was the first time in many years that no snakes were seen dead or alive in the fields.

Hay fields that had a lighter than normal first crop were fertilized on the 17th and should respond from the rain received and that expected. If the fields of 2nd crop yield well I may purchase more fertilizer to enhance the growth of the 3rd crop on selected fields.

My sandy loam soils require fertilizer if I expect to get a favorable yield of hay. When this farm operation had a large flock of laying hens (sold in 1987) and a sizable dairy herd (sold 1995) there was an abundance of barnyard manure to enrich most of the acreage. Only a few tons of fertilizer were purchased and at a much lower price than in recent years.

Recently I came to realize that the summer was advancing when two ripe tomatoes, early planted potatoes, beet greens, green beans and broccoli were ready for the table. Weeding of garden areas began in earnest during the week and by the end of the week my back was rebelling.

New bloom observed recently is less evident than in prior weeks. Those observed include pumpkin, melon, garden corn, sorrel, Canada thistle, and wild yellow clover.

This period of time last year had comparable daytime readings, with readings in the 80s the first four days and in the 70s the last three. The coolest reading was 49 degrees on the 18th.

Rainfall on four dates totalled 2.08 inches, a sizable part of the 9.01 inches received for the month of July.

Week of July 12-18

Day High Low Precip.

Sun. 85 60 0

Mon. 82 55 0

Tues. 80 52 T

Wed. 75 59 0.06

Thurs. 75 47 0

Fri. 77 43 0

Sat. 66 55 0.16 10 p.m.

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