LIVERMORE — It took a large excavator, a jackhammer, at least one dump truck and 12½ hours of overtime to dig out, break up and haul off a large rock that’s been an issue on Shackley Hill Road since the early 1970s.

Earlier this month, John Castonguay loaned the town road crew his excavator to remove the boulder, but Road Foreman Roger Ferland said it couldn’t move it. The rock, which protruded from the surface 7 inches, was much larger than expected.

Ferland hired R.S. Pidacks of Livermore, which used a larger machine for the job. A jackhammer was brought in and two truckloads of material were hauled off.

Once the rock was removed, two springs were discovered under the road, requiring installation of a drainage system, Ferland said.

The town road crew put in 12½ hours of overtime because of the size of the rock and a broken hose on the larger machine, he said.

Selectboard Chairman Peter Castonguay mentioned two rocks sticking up from Norlands Road.

“They’re pretty bad,” he said.

“We will work on them,” Ferland said.

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