We need, however, to stop using styrofoam to-go containers and are hoping there might be a local business that offers the new cardboard kind. We don’t like using the styrofoam because of obvious environmental concerns.

If anyone has any information, we would truly appreciate having it. Hope to see everyone at the barbecue! Thanks very much. — The Deacons of NTUPC, Jody Goodwin.

ANSWER: Sun Spots has shopped at D & N Sales, 1225 Center Street in Auburn, 207-333-3636, for bulk supplies before and gave them a call just now. They were very helpful. If what you want isn’t in stock, they may be able to order it for you. They are located on the corner of Center Street and Oak Hill Road. Maybe our readers will have other suggestions. Good luck!

READERS: Sun Spots has received several responses to the query for native all-white — Silver Queen — corn and its availability in Lewiston. Readers have suggested Verrill’s Vegetable Stand, 270 Bailey Hill Road in Poland, 207-998-2301; Bell Farms, 320 Ferry Road in Lewiston, 207-782-8146; and Hannaford in Rumford was carrying corn from R. Belanger & Sons Farms, 262 Cotton Road in Lewiston, 207-783-3737.

GOOD AFTERNOON SUN SPOTS: You have probably received lots of responses already, but in case you need one more, here goes. We own Boothby’s Orchard and Farm in Livermore and my husband Rob loves growing a variety of sweet corn and has Silver Queen corn intermittently throughout our season. We expect our first batch to be ready in September. Readers may follow our facebook page, check the home page of our website www.honeycrisp.com or call Rob at 207-754-3500 for apple or corn variety availability. — Denise Boothby.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you for your column and for this opportunity. Looking for input from you and/or readers on finding meeting places in Lewiston/Auburn that are available at no charge for a non-profit organization’s meetings. Most meetings only need to accommodate six to eight people. Only a couple times a year do we need to be able to accommodate 15 to 20. The Auburn Public Library does have rooms available for a fee. As a non profit we try to avoid any extra expenses. The city of Auburn does offer use of their conference room for evening meetings with a cut-off time that does not always allow for the amount of time we need to complete all necessary business. Thank you for any input. — No Name via email.

ANSWER: Sun Spots called the Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce, 415 Lisbon Street in Lewiston at 207-783-2249 and was told that if your non profit is a member of the Chamber, then the use of their meeting room is free. Perhaps other readers will know of other free meeting places.

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