AUBURN — Voters in the city’s third and fourth wards will actually stay in their wards to cast their ballots, according to the city clerk.

Voters living in Ward 3 vote in Auburn Hall, which is in Ward 4. Ward 4 voters vote at Fairview School, which is in Ward 3.

“I was going to make a recommendation that you change that,” City Clerk Sue Clements-Dallaire told councilors Monday night. “But it’s actually mandated by state law, so this will not go before council. I just wanted you to know this was going to change. It’s going to effect quite a few people.”

Councilors voted to redraw the city’s ward boundaries in 2014 based on the 2010 census. The new map reflects population growth in some wards as well as changes made to county and state legislative districts approved in Augusta last year. Auburn’s five wards each need to have roughly 4,611 residents based on the 2010 census.

A handful of addresses shifted wards based on the updated map as of July 1, and Clements-Dallaire said the city will send reminders to all voters this year, telling them where they’ll go to vote.

“We need to notify people of those changes, too,” she said.

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