This is in response to a letter to the editor published some time ago, “Advancing religious values,” by Langston Snodgrass. The letter stated that “Nowhere in the Gospel does Jesus say anything about same-gender sexual orientation, let alone condemn it.”

The answers are quite clear and, indeed, definitely found in the Bible. But not from individuals, organizations, media, legislation, the judicial system, the Congress, the administration or even the president.

God supersedes everybody and everything, including any human-made laws or any acceptance of those laws or ideology. If people don’t believe in his word, whose words will they believe?

In finding the answers and discernment of homosexuality, it has to be defined in its two separate and distinctive parts. The first is the homosexual as a person. The second is the act of homosexuality. Those two parts are often commonly misinterpreted.

The Bible deals with the first part, the person, in many verses, such as in John 15:12, in which Jesus says that he demanded us to love each other as much as he has loved us. That love is then all-inclusive (which means everyone).

The second part, regarding the homosexual act, is found also in many verses, including in Leviticus 18:22, in which it is stated that homosexuality is absolutely forbidden, as it is an enormous sin.

If God regards the act as sinful, then who can deny his judgment? The act, therefore, becomes a matter of choice.

Neil Bourgoin, Jay