Get ready! Get set! Go!

That is right, the month of August is a month of preparation. We might say that the eighth month of the year has two faces. If there are children in your family, now is the time to buy new clothing in preparation for the fall and winter months that we all know are ahead of us.

Some children, especially younger children, may be a bit fearful about starting anew with a new teacher in a new room, maybe even a new building. Perhaps their best friend of last year has moved away and they feel fearful about making new friends.

We should encourage the children in our life and let them know we are there if they need someone to tell their troubles to. This is of the utmost importance whether they be our own children, or grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or just friends.

We should also encourage the children we know to be friendly with new children as well as with children of another nationality, or those who are different in any way. After all, it would be a tiresome world if we were all just alike.

We should also encourage youngsters in our lives to be high achievers. After all, this might be a good goal for all of us regardless of our age or station in life. As soon as the 6 o’clock news is over the television might be turned off for an hour or so while the whole family studied together. A dish of popcorn on the table might be good, too.

If gardening is on your agenda for the summer, August is a rewarding time for all of the hard gardening during the spring and early summer. Did you ever roast corn outside over a grill or open fire? Husk the corn, stick it on the end of a stick or long handled fork, hold it over the fire until the corn is black, butter and salt it, and enjoy. Two or three ears of roasted corn and then a good piece of fresh blueberry or blackberry pie and you have got what I call a really good meal especially if you are eating outside by a lake with the evening growing longer and the waves from a passing boat against the shore.

Another August event that many people enjoy attending is the Skowhegan fair. This is a state fair, so as I understand it, anyone in the state can exhibit. As I was thinking about this, I wondered how old the Skowhegan fair was. If anyone knows, let me know. No phone calls, please.

Another August event for many people is a family reunion. This is a great way to strengthen family ties and renew old relationships before the busy stormy days of fall and winter begin.

August is also the time to do outside repair work on your house and insulate every crack so the cold winter wind can’t get in and eat up your fuel. If you are planning to burn wood during the winter now is the time if you haven’t done so already to get it fitted and into the shed or barn where it can be dried. No one enjoys burning green wood during the winter.

We extend birthday greetings to all those who are celebrating during the month of August. No matter what your age, think of your age as a stepping stone leading on to better things and higher achievements.