I really don’t know what the minimum wage should be, but I believe it should be at least $10 per hour or more.

People think that jobs in fast food businesses are easy, but how many people have worked full time at one? The employees have to be fast, accurate and pleasant the whole work day. Even if someone decides to work for years at a fast food business, he will never be well off financially.

Enacting an increase in the minimum wage in three years would bring us back to where we are now. The increase should be made now, not the spring of 2016. Then give a cost-of-living raise each year.

Waitstaff need to know what they will earn after each day. They never know what they will get for tips. They might have one week of good tips and the next week be super low tips. They cannot tell from week to week, so they should also get the new minimum wage as a base pay.

Workplaces are always looking to cut expenses. But a well-paid employee is a happy employee who will help lower expenses for the business.

Alan Girouard, Hartford

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