DIXFIELD — The Planning Board voted unanimously Thursday evening to assign three of their six members to an ordinance review committee.

Chairman Rick Davis said that he thought the board needed to form an ordinance review committee and a Comprehensive Plan committee.

“I’m not sure if these have been enacted yet, but I think it would be a good idea to have them put in place,” he said. “What does the rest of the board feel about this?”

Member Lauren Hebert said, “With a board this small, do we really need separate committees for these things? Can’t we just take care of it together?”

Town Manager Carlo Puiia said that typically, with Ordinance Review or Comprehensive Plan committees, it benefits them to be small.

“This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting all six members of the Planning Board to the meeting before discussing it,” he said. “Three people is a good number for a committee. You would only be advisory boards, tasked with reviewing ordinances or the Comprehensive Plan and figuring out if there needs to be any changes.”

Member Mike Palmer asked Puiia how many ordinances the town has.

“We have a good number of them,” Puiia said. “Once the ordinance is created, you should take one of the ordinances, take a look at the language, and look at other town ordinances. We definitely have some ordinances that need to be looked at.”

The board agreed to form a three-member ordinance review committee, and have alternate member Jeff Knight serve as the chairman.

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