ANSWER: Brookfield Renewable promptly answered: “According to our records, the river is running slightly below normal for late summer, but would increase if we received sustained rain in the watershed. Southern Maine is still technically in a drought and we’re all hoping for precipitation. For specific questions on water level or other issues, please feel free to email [email protected]

HI SUN SPOTS: Love your column. Can you point me in the right direction to get in contact with Cynthia Ayotte? She is the lady in the picture with her metal detector in section B on Wednesday, Aug. 26. About 50 years ago my class ring was lost at Martin Point. It was a ring from St. Dom’s class of 1962 with initials engraved on it. I would like to know if it is one of the rings she found. Contact me at [email protected] or 207-783-9795.

On a different note, for people looking for items they cannot find in grocery stores, they should try I could not find Maxwell House International Café a l’orange anywhere. I now have it delivered on my schedule through Amazon at a cheaper price than large department stores, and I get free shipping. Thanks for your help.

RESPONSE: Let Sun Spots know if your ring is one of the rings found by Cynthia Ayotte. Good luck!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: To the person asking about Mountain Blend coffee. I too was a longtime fan, 20 years or more, of that coffee and have also found it missing from store shelves. I emailed the Nestle company and was told that they will no longer offer that brand for sale and suggested that I try one of their other coffee offerings. I was not happy and also not the least bit satisfied with the coffee they suggested so it looks like I will be in search of another brand. — Robert Tremaine, Livermore Falls.

HI SUN SPOTS: I have a large number of small fabric pieces for patchwork quilts and would like to give them to an interested person(s). There is a huge variety of colors and patterns, but not enough of any one to make a patterned quilt. Please call 207-782-3690 or email [email protected]

HI SUN SPOTS: I enjoy your column as does my wife. Keep up the good work. I recently received a round-top trunk from my relatives. It appears to be from the late 1800s. It was given to my grandparents when my grandfather, Fergus Lea, a Methodist minister, moved either to or from Wilton around 1930. The trunk has a name tag on it marked “J. Allen, Jay, Maine.” If there are any relatives of J. Allen in the Wilton/Jay area who would be interested in having the trunk as an heirloom, they can contact me at 207-240-3143. Thanks. — Ferg Lea via email.

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