DEAR SUN SPOTS: Someone called my phone and left a message asking for sheet music as she is starting to learn the guitar. I have plenty to give her, but she did not leave a full number to contact her. The one she gave me is 424811. If she should read this, I ask that she calls me back with the correct number. Thank you. — Rose in Lewiston.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: What happened to Jackie Ward on channel 6? I have not seen her for a while. — Mrs. S.L.

ANSWER: Jackie Ward has publicly announced that she was moving “on to new adventures” as a multimedia storyteller in San Francisco, California where she will be closer to family. If you use a computer and have access to the Internet, you can visit her public Facebook page at

HELLO SUN SPOTS: Could you please tell us what the city is doing on Pauline and Hilltop avenues (in Lewiston)? They dig up squares and end of driveways, fill them back in and then put a top coat back on. There are white, blue, orange, and green lines painted all over the pavement. Thank you. — Local resident.

ANSWER: Sun Spots called the city of Lewiston at 207-513-3003 and spoke to the dispatcher who was very helpful. The city is repairing the catch basins in the area and then re-paving.

HI SUN SPOTS: The building that is now the Guy B. Dostie Funeral home on Rt. 196 has had past lives. It was a church. Before that it was a disco bar and even before that, in the late 1960s to early ’70s it was a country bar. Does anyone remember the name of it? — Dennis of Lisbon Falls.

HI SUN SPOTS: Concerning the inquiry about a private hospital in Auburn in the 1930s, we at the Androscoggin Historical Society have just a little bit of information. There was the “Auburn Private Hospital” at 33 Western Promenade. More likely, the reference may be to Mrs. Nettie DeCoster’s “maternity home” on Turner Road, R. D. 1A. — Historian Doug Hodgkin.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: As always, I enjoy reading your column each morning! What did we ever do before it became available to us? On Saturday, Sept. 19, Danville Junction Grange will hold a craft fair from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Anyone who would like to reserve a table, please call Gladys Chapman at 207-998-5331 as soon as possible. Thanks. — G. Ryder, Danville.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I will donate a Canon copier to anyone willing to pick it up. Please call 207-375-6677 and leave a message. — C.R. via online submission form.

DEAR READERS: G.P. of Auburn wrote: If you purchased a gazebo at a garage sale on Gillander Ave in Auburn on Saturday, Aug. 29, you only took the frame. Please return and pick up the canopy.

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