OLD TOWN – Residents who have wondered if the major paving project in Old Town was going to be a half-baked affair are asked to be patient – a second round of repairs is coming next spring.
The Old Town City Council recently approved a $1 million bond to take care of a backlog of paving projects, and crews have been hard at work on that project in recent days. Some residents, however, have complained that only the travel lanes have been done, and that the sides have been untouched.
Public Works Director John Rouleau, however, said that what folks are now seeing is shim and overlay that is a first application being done to improve the travel lanes and crowns of roads before winter sets in. In the spring, work will continue, with more paving to follow after manholes, catch basins and water valves are raised.
Rouleau said it is uncertain how long paving will continue this year, but there are a few more weeks to get to other projects, hopefully including the Kirkland Road, where repairs to a bridge have held up paving for the time being. A couple of projects – sections of Brunswick Street and College Avenue Extension – are planned to be done in their entirety in 2016.

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