Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald and Gov. Paul LePage love to talk about how poor people are abusing the welfare system. We all want the system to be fair to all, but I think many people are glad to give a hand to others who are truly in need.

Why do those two officials neglect to point out how many of the wealthy, successful corporations in Maine are receiving state and local subsidies from the taxpayers?

According to an in-depth study by The New York Times, available online, BIW, L.L. Bean, Walmart, Hannaford, T.D. Bank and many, many more Maine companies receive millions of dollars each year in subsidies. I have to ask why? Their executives are earning huge salaries. They are having profitable years, yet taxpayers contribute their hard-earned taxes so that those corporations can get tax breaks and subsidies.

Instead of publishing the names of people who are having difficulties and receiving state/city aid, as proposed by Macdonald, publish the names of those corporations that are taking advantage of the people of Maine, and include the amount of money each corporation receives each year.

They do not need those subsidies. They are successful companies.

They are blackmailing the people of Maine.

Valerie Razsa, Gray

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