This is in response to a recent article about how Playboy Magazine would not be presenting any more frontal nudity. For that, we can be thankful. Perhaps there was too much competition from Penthouse and Hustler. But, evidently, the real killer to Playboy’s circulation is the pornography on the Internet.

Scott Flanders, Playboy’s CEO, put it this way: “The Internet is awash with porn, where every sex act imaginable is available.”

I would imagine that stuff is easily accessible to the young, also, and that is an outrage.

Is it true that a rather large percentage of American men are into pornography?

It is not loving to children or adults that pornography has become so prolific in society, Some advocates of sexual freedom push the idea of children having sexual experiences early in their lives. I assume those are the people who support pornography.

I believe that images of gun violence on TV programs are leading to the many episodes of gun violence in U.S. society.

Why do certain movements want to take away the innocence of childhood? What is it about this country that would make easy access to corrupting images in the media and on television?

I say that the great God and king Jesus are upset with the impure material that has saturated this society.

Elaine Graham, Farmington

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