FARMINGTON — Corrections Sgt. John Donald of Wilton was promoted Monday to operations lieutenant. He will fill the new assistant administrator position at the Franklin County Jail.

Commissioners voted to hire Donald to the position. Interviews were conducted with the four correction officer supervisors at the jail.

The position was in place prior to July 1, 2009. When the state consolidated county jails, Franklin County Jail became a 72-hour holding facility, and the position was cut. Franklin County returned to full-service operation in April.

The money for the position will come from the additional funds the county received for the jail this year.

Donald has worked for the county since March 2004.

His current rate of pay is $19.72 an hour. Effective Monday, his wage will increase to $20.39 an hour, county Clerk Julie Magoon said.

Commissioners also approved a job description for the position that was reviewed and amended since an October meeting.

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