RUMFORD — A driver who apparently fell asleep and ended up in the Androscoggin River is lucky to be alive, Rumford Police Patrolman James McLamb said Wednesday night.

The driver, Michael Eversen, 20, of Rumford, managed to get out of his Subaru wagon and was treated by Med-Care ambulance personnel for a small head laceration, the officer said.

“He’s going to be fine,” McLamb said. “He was very lucky that he didn’t hit one of these bigger trees and rolled it. If the vehicle had been submerged on the roof going down like that, who knows if he would have been able to make it out or not. He’s a lucky guy.”

The Subaru flew through the guardrail on Route 2 in the Front Street area, down an embankment and into the river around 7 p.m.

McLamb said the driver “didn’t touch the brakes coming around that corner. There’s no skid marks up there. I’m guessing he fell asleep. I believe he was traveling at least 60 miles per hour.”

The officer said a driver behind the Subaru and another motorist called 911.

“He got out himself and came right up,” McLamb said.

Adley’s wrecker service pulled the car out of the river.

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