100 years ago, 1915
The early bird is a late riser, compared with the youngsters of the Lewiston Journal Sandman club when there is a movie party scheduled for the day. Long before eight o’clock Thanksgiving morning, groups of little people bobbing along under huge umbrellas were converging from all points of the compass, toward Music Hall. “Where are you going?” asked a passerby. “Oh! we’re going to the Sandman Club’s party which Manager Greeley at Music Hall is giving us. Ain’t you heard about it? Why, all you have to do if you belong to the club is to wear a Sandman button and you can got in for nuthin’. See, here’s mine.”

50 years ago, 1965
There’s a little bit of good (sometimes darned little) in the worst of men. W. M. Wilson of RFD 1, Auburn, found that to be the case recently. While in a restaurant, he was jostled about by a couple of fellows, and a half hour later noticed his wallet was missing. And he wasn’t happy—not with $75 and valuable papers of all kinds in the wallet. A few days later, the mailman arrived at the Wilson, home and — what d’ya’ know? There was the wallet, neatly packaged. A quick check showed all the valuable papers inside. But not the valuable $75. And now Mr. Wilson is wondering — should he thank the culprits?

25 years ago, 1990
Every week, the Sisters of Charity attend High Mass on Sunday morning. This week, however, they’ve decided to watch television instead. The sisters believe they have just cause for this decision. Beginning at 9:30 a.m. on cable Channel 9, the Sherbrooke, Canada, station will broadcast the canonization ceremony for Marguerite d’Youville, founder of the Sisters of Charity, also known as the “Grey Nuns.” “We’ll have our Mass at one-thirty,” said Sister Rose Lanoie, “and after that we’ll be changing the name (of the nursing home) to Saint Marguerite d’Youville Pavilion.”

The material in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors made at that time may be edited.

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