OXFORD — The Board of Selectmen on Thursday instructed Town Manager Michael Chammings to draft the Ordinance Review Committee’s recommended changes to three ordinances.

The committee reviewed the medicinal marijuana ordinance, which does not comply with state law. Chammings said the changes will include reducing the prohibited zone for marijuana grow operations near a public or private school from 1,000 feet to 500 feet in order to meet state requirements.

Proposed changes will also restrict medical marijuana grow facilities to a mixed-use zone, which Chammings said will essentially limit them to the Route 26 corridor and limit the number of them to three.

“The reason we came up with that number is that basically, that’s how many liquor stores are allowed in town, so we figured three of these will be fine, too,” Chammings said.

The ordinance regulates grow operations that are large enough to be required to register with the town. This does not include individuals with medical marijuana permits or caregiver licenses, according to Chammings, but does include certain types of grow operations that produce larger amounts of marijuana to supply various dispensaries around the state.

The board also authorized updating ordinances to address additions on campers in RV parks and lighting restrictions on commercial buildings.

Chammings said no changes will be finalized before the town has an opportunity to weigh in on the matter. He said he and the town’s code enforcement officer will draft the ordinance changes. There will be public hearings before they are presented to voters at a special town meeting.


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