Awards might be given for longest word, word worth the most points, first word completed, etc. This event will serve two purposes, as those participating will be exercising their brains as well as their legs/bodies. We are in the planning stages, and are looking for anyone who has unused Scrabble game tiles they are willing to donate. I can be reached by phone at 207-375-8105 or email [email protected] Thank you very much. —  Jon M. in Sabattus.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Are there any organizations or other places that might be interested in 2015 issues of the following magazines: Woman’s Day; Family Circle; Good Housekeeping; Reader’s Digest (large print); Handyman; Prevention; Bottom Line (personal); and Bottom Line (health)?

They are all in good condition and seem too good to throw away. I can be reached at [email protected] or 207-998-4727. Thank you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: If you are the person who stole my purse in the Auburn Walmart parking lot on Monday, Dec. 28, this message is for you. First, this is a message of forgiveness. Even though I was able to replace much of what I lost, I found I was still angry and anxious. After a few days, I came to realize the need to forgive you, and I found that I was able to do that. So, if that means anything to you, I do forgive you. It made me feel better and I hope it will be of some value to you.

Second, I have one request. My camera contains all my holiday family pictures which cannot be replaced. If you still have it, would you mail it back to me? You have my address. — Diane.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: This query is in regards to an article on the front page of the Sun Journal on Sunday, Jan. 3, titled “Wilton teen’s diaper bank.” Does the “diaper bank” want all coupons or just diaper coupons? Thanks. — No Name, No Town.

ANSWER: Sun Spots contacted Gracie Ward whose email address was included in that article you read. Gracie told us that she will take any baby-related coupons, but especially diaper ones. She currently has coupons for diapers, pullups, wipes, adult diapers, and baby bottom cream such as A-D ointment. She will accept any baby bathing coupons or even baby food-related coupons that she can then pass on to the families that she’s working with unless she comes across a good deal on that product and then she will buy it and add it to her supply to give out as needed.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Would you or any of your readers know where I could buy Creomulsion cough syrup? I have looked in quite a few pharmacies and no one seems to have heard of it. Thanks, Gloria Gordon.

ANSWER: The only nearby pharmacy that lists creomulsion cough syrup on its website is Walmart. It can be purchased through many online stores and mailed to you.

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