Auburn-Lewiston YMCA

Biddy Basketball Results

Week 4

Junior Division

Dec. 5

Nitco 57, Auburn Plaza Family Dentistry 45: Nitco’s Christian Frey led with 15 points followed by Seth Leighton with 12, Matthew Connor with 10, Kevin Frey with eigh, Landon Dewildt with six, Erin Cowie with four, and Sarah English with two. Auburn Plaza Family Dentistry was led by Mike Chaput Jr. with 21 points followed by Jonah Chen with eight, Daniel Day with seven, Jessica Zimmerman with four, Ryan Manson with three, and Austin Garey and Madisyn Turcotte each with two points.

Sam’s Italian Foods 24, DuBois Realty Group 23: Sam’s John Shea led with 10 points followed by Jackson Thompson with four, Owen Vincent with two, Emma St. Peter with two, Joey Shea with two, Judith Ross with two, and Anthony Seddon with two. DuBois Realty’s Wyatt Fontaine led with six points, followed by Avonte’ Valentine with four, Farid Muhammed-Aceto with four, Parker Butler with four, Patrick Anthoine with three, and Idris Bashir with two.

Modern Woodman of America 55, Bear Necessities 52: Modern Woodman’s Keenen Marcoux led with 19 points, followed by Marshal Adams with eight, Kaleb Danner with six, Jayden Robison with six, Jayden Udarnauth with six, Trevin with six, Makenna Campbell with two, and Samuel Courtemanche with two. Bear Necessities’ Connor Leclerc led with 18 points, followed by Donovan Jackson with 13, Jason Brooker with 10, Brady Vincent with six, Aisha Caron with three, and Alliyah Pelletier with two.

PSWW Trial Lawyers 41, R.E. Murphy & Son Monuments 18: PSWW’s Joshua Lavigne led with 12 points, followed by Conor Burtchell with 11, Nigel Katende with eight, Ethan Gousse with four, Caed Langley with four, and Maeza Paradie with two. R.E. Murphy’s Elijah Demers led with six points, followed by Kamden Masselli with four, William Parker with four, Madisyn Scott with two and Bella Perryman with two.

Pee Wee Division

Dunkin Donuts 36, Bilodeau Insurance 18: Dunkin Donuts’ Devon Pacheco led with 23 points, followed by Cohven Langley with eight, and Abigail Beaucage with five. Bilodeau’s Aiden St. George led with nine, followed by Tristan Kramarz with seven, and Spencer Louese with two.

Gee & Bee Sporting Goods 30, Vac Shak 22: Gee & Bee’s Creighty Dickson led with 14 points, followed by Brady Kilby with four, Devin Ouellette with four, Owen Galway with two, Savannah Green two, Chase Scammon with two, and Skylar Blossom with two. Vac Shak’s Braiden Blais led with 10 points, followed by Noah Laverriere with four, Mason Robertson with four, Ryker Paradie with two, and Mishka Stowe with two.

Rick’s Pools and Spas 24, Androscoggin Title 12: Rick’s Koral Morin led scoring with nine points, followed by Carson Veilleux with eight, Natalie Beaudoin with five, and Remy Fournier with two. Androscoggin Title was led by Marielle Bean with six points, followed by Skylar Dyer with four, and Owen Nichols with two.

KDL Construction 20, Gendron & Gendron 16: KDL was led by Samuel Brooker with 11 points, followed by Kennedy Lampert with four, Ethan Guptill with two, Owen Avery with two, and Tess Robbins with one. Gendron & Gendron’s Jack Pepin led with eight points, followed by Ashley Connor with two, Bryce Fontaine with two, Skylar Gaudette with two, and John Gendron Jr. with two.

Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli 17, Auburn Fire Fighters 16: Heidi’s Mason LaFlamme led with nine points, followed by Damien Golden with four, Daniel Belefleur with two, and Olivia Veilleux with two. Auburn Fire Fighters’ Isaac Gautier led with seven points, followed by Kade Masselli with five, Keegan Olcott with two, and Lonnie Thomas Jr. with two.

Regency Mortgage 23, Brunswick Steel 15: Regency’s Connor Irish led with 11 points, followed by Jackson Bement with eight, Isaac Breau with two, and Connor Cyr with two. Brunswick Steel’s Jennifer Chaput led with 10 points, followed by Josh Smith with four, and Damon Howze Jr. with one.

Rookies Division

Ben Alpren Machine Tool & Supply 31, The Fortin Group 16: Ben Alpren’s Carson Veilleux led with 18 points, followed by Dylan Grealish with six, Liam Gallagher with four, and Arieana Bean with three. The Fortin Group’s Cooper Blair, Sophia Gerry, and Jack Martel shared the lead for team points with four each. Mackenzie Bryant and Deagan Nadeau also contributed with two points apiece.

Mr. Sea’s 24, M & P Used Auto Parts 14: Mr. Sea’s was led by Nicholas Beaucage with 10 points, followed by Anthony Brunetti with six, Zhylis Caouette with six, and Crew Langley with two. M & P’s Logan Spence led with six points, followed by Sam Abbott with four, and Jenna Shea with four.

Great Falls Marketing 24, Primary Residential Mortgage 21: Great Falls’ Tyson Bryant led with 14 points, followed by Ella Beaudoin with six, and Bryce Bubier with four. Primary Mortgage’s Max Kimble led with 13 points, followed by Olivia Gautier with six, and Hope Fontaine with two.

Elscott Manufacturing 16, Mike Morin’s Auto 10: Elscott’s Autumn Palmer led with six points, followed by Chloe Croteau with four, Piper Croteau with two, Ian Cyr with two, and Kai Taylor with two. Mike Morin’s Owen Robertson led with six points, followed by Annello Despradel with two, and Lauren Bolduc with two.

WMYBL 5th/6th grade girls’ basketball

Farmington 32, River Valley 22

F – Hannah Wilbur 16, Katelyn Daggett 6; RV – Paige Demascio 8, Katie Blouin, Emma Chaisson  6

AYS 12, Oak Hill 11

AYS – Mariayah Fournier 5, Emma Blaisdell 4; OH – Chessie Gabby 4, Drew Maddie 3

Tri-Town 40, Dixfield 20

TT – Brooklyn Alexander 9, Emma Gagne 8; D – Marissa LaPointe 6, Abby Stevens Emma MacFarlane 4

Oxford Hills 40, Oxford Hills Boosters 6

OH Sierra Carson 14, Taylor Truman 8; OHB – Ashley Richardson 4

CMYBL 3/4th grade boys’ basketball

Auburn White 46, Dirigo Paws 19

AW – Jack Pepin 12, Devin Ouellette 10; DP – Wyatt Hamner 8, Tyler Warren 7

Maranacook  38,  AYS 27

M – Kegan McClure 17, Brandon Chilton 8; AYS – Ian York 15, Griffin Achorn 6

OHBoosters 29, Wilton 21  

OHB – Brady Truman 12, Jorden Bilodeau 5; Wilton – Joseph Conlogue 10, Evan Sterling 9

Turner 38,  Rumford 31

T – Noah Carpenter 26, Tave Cloutier 9; R – Owen Sevigny 16, Jake New 9

Oxford Hills 79, Auburn Black 18

OH – Teigan Pelletier 21, Evan Hamm 18 Nick Binette 16; AB – Logan Thomas 12



Mamas & Papas

Men Handicap Series 699 Richard Hines 686 Tony Burgess Jr 670 Tom Doucette; Scratch Series 672 Philip Provencher 573 Erland Holt 529 Phil Doucette; Handicap Game 260 Jacob Spencer 245 Robert Boston 231 Tim Lynch; Scratch Game 226 Mike Thibault 214 Don Moore 197 John Mathieu; Women Handicap Series 786 Sue Carr 662 Pauline Clavet 645 Rolinda Marichal; Scratch Series 507 Deb Edgecomb 482 Tammy Bureau 471 Victoria Silver; Handicap Game 268 Kaisha Pearl 246 Maureen Williams 228 Jules Lynch; Scratch Game 179 Barb Ringuette 175 Noreen Holt 158 Janessa Sinclair

Northwood Park

Men Handicap Series 851 Robert Ducharme 783 David Huskin 761 Norm St. Amand 749 Joe Perry; Handicap Game 321 Dan Delcourt 286 Daryl Lamore 278 Larry Rossa 272 Norm Burgess; Scratch Series 666 Justin Brawn 585 Dennis Webber 569 Tim Leeman 563 Corey Emmert; Scratch Game 243 Skip Sabourin 223 Norman Scott 200 Robert Tremaine 197 Matthew Kritzer; Women Handicap Series 768 Amanda Welch 742 Darlene Lurvey 711 Lisa Burgess 695 Yvette Paulison; Handicap Game 285 Diana Getchell 261 Jacinta Storer 250 Kira LeClair 234 Leah Griffin; Scratch Series 446 Lori Robert 394 Cortney Pearl 390 Jennifer Johnson 343 Serena Emmert; Scratch Game 154 Becca Ducharme 143 Adrianna Slominski 138 Amy Balduf 122 Jennifer Kritzer

Public Service

Handicap Series 834 Anthony Nacri 783 Tiny Wyman 776 Norm Crochere 771 John Mathieu 764 Lou Asselin 752 Don Moore; Scratch Series 763 Justin Brawn 672 Dana Price 648 Dennis Carney 615 Billy Deschenes Jr 588 Ricky Cyr 587 Ken Lewis; Handicap Game 319 Gerry Biron 297 Maynard Rand 279 Joey Boudreaux 277 Rene Champagne 274 Angelo Nacri 268 Jacob Spencer; Scratch Game 248 Kennny Moore 235 Roland Dostie 224 Ted Stokes 223 Shawn Langlois 221 Jim Morin 216 Ralph Therrien

Sparetime Ladies

Scratch Game 233 Pauline Bosse 203 Ali Breault 199 Joan Goulding 190 Anita Morin 178 Deb Lane 176 Diane Desjardins 176 Deb Edgecomb 174 Michelle Gardner 174 Pauline Clavet; Scratch Series 618 Pauline Bosse 582 Joan Goulding 577 Ali Breault 509 Noreen Holt 496 Diane Desjardins 492 Anita Morin 490 Deb Lane 475 Shirley Gondek; Handicap Game 261 Pauline Bosse 228 Deb Lane 227 Joan Goulding 226 Noreen Holt 226 Barb Ringuette 222 Diane Desjardins 221 Beth Wyman 221 Pauline Clavet; Handicap Series 702 Pauline Bosse 677 Noreen Holt 666 Joan Goulding 640 Deb Lane 634 Diane Desjardins 619 Barb Ringuette 613 Kathy Thayer 605 Pauline Clavet

Industrial Park

Men Scratch Game 279 Bill Gyorfi 277 Brian Bickford 267 Joseph Michaud 266 Scott Allaire 259 James Goulding III 256 Jimmy Clark; Scratch Series 737 Joseph Michaud 730 Tommy Young 730 James Goulding III 712 Scott Moore 698 Derek Webb 694 Scott Allaire; Handicap Game 321 Bill Gyorfi 316 Brian Bickford 304 Mark Fortier 303 Joseph Michaud 289 Ben Dube 288 Scott Allaire; Handicap Series 848 Ben Dube 845 Joseph Michaud 836 Mark Fortier 799 Bill Gyorfi 787 Jamie Tardif 773 Brian Bickford; Women Scratch Game 237 Ali Breault 234 Mallory Nutting 227 Audra Mercier 214 Michelle Gardner 213 Sarah Pelletier 202 Pauline Bosse; Scratch Series 678 Ali Breault 591 Mallory Nutting 576 Michelle Gardner 576 Sarah Pelletier 575 Audra Mercier 562 Pauline Bosse; Handicap Game 278 Ali Breault 266 Michelle Gardner 260 Audra Mercier 259 Amber Jordan 255 Mallory Nutting 255 Pauline Bosse 255 Anita Morin; Handicap Series 801 Ali Breault 732 Michelle Gardner 721 Pauline Bosse 709 Amber Jordan 680 Tracy Leeman 679 Anita Morin

Friday Night Mixed

Men Scratch Series 664 Pete Gagnon Jr 633 Scott Ashton 582 James Morin 563 Jeff Cooper; Handicap Series 794 Robert Violette 789 Mark Fortier 727 Tim Miles 725 Al Dick; Scratch Game 259 Scott Montminy 228 Shane Pearl 226 James Goulding Jr 216 Scott Hall; Handicap Game 284 Josh Dakin 277 Adam Wright 273 Roland Theriault 259 Chris Fournier; Women Scratch Series 604 Brooke Leger 585 Joan Goulding 430 Tina Leger 413 Shirley Gondek; Handicap Series 752 Victoria Roy 732 Deb Lane 709 Becky McBride 661 Lynda Hall; Scratch Game 215 Pauline Bosse 176 Lucy Viollette 168 Brenda Swett 132 Debbie Hallowell; Handicap Game 289 Penny Dick 263 Linda Marcotte 244 Pamela Heald

Youth – Minors

Boys Scratch Game 113 Tylor Montminy 111 Joshua Violette 90 Dustin Laplante 90 Luke Soucy; Scratch Series 283 Tylor Montminy 248 Ethen Bruce-Gregor 244 Dustin Laplante 244 Luke Soucy; Handicap Game 166 Joshua Violette 150 Ezra Veit 148 Tylor Montminy; Handicap Series 416 Ezra Veit 407 Joshua Violette 394 Luke Soucy; Girls Scratch Game 105 Jillian Dumais 100 Camryn Wyman 94 Brooke Gervais; Scratch Series 286 Camryn Wyman 285 Jillian Dumais 265 Brooke Gervais; Handicap Game 152 Ali Lynch 149 Jennifer York 141 Camryn Wyman; Handicap Series 429 Ali Lynch 416 Jennifer York 409 Camryn Wyman

Youth – Majors

Boys Handicap Series 759 Chris Goulette 702 John Gove 699 Matthew Stevens; Handicap Game 274 Zachary Brito 266 Joshua Hallowell 249 Jeremy Rundstrom; Scratch Series 607 Parker Thibeault 607 Seth Kolreg 508 Bryson Dumais 494 Zachary Lessard; Scratch Game 215 Nate Boothby 215 Jacob Dubuc 199 Shayne MacFarlane 181 Cullen Burgess; Girls Handicap Series 690 Kiarra Bruce 643 Sarah Clark; Handicap Game 238 Brianna Hannan 221 Becka Reynolds; Scratch Series 554 Alley Gagne 432 Danielle Allaire; Scratch Game 181 Avery Goulding 126 Courtney Stevens

Maine Table Tennis League

A Table: Sebastian Taylor, John Gagliano; B Table: Phil Marquis, Rick Paul; C Table: Brian Hallett, Manny Sangalang

Youth Hockey

SAM Red 4, Gladiators Red 2

Goals: SAM- Christopher Williams, Arthur Taylor, Jon Zack (2); Gladiators: Jeremy Phelan, Cole Gagne; Assists: SAM- Jared Shaw, Henry Nuce (2), Brandon Bragdon, Connor Albison, A. Taylor; Gladiators- C. Gagne; Goalies: SAM Red – Will Hays; CMYH Black – Dakota Soucy.

SAM Red 1, CMYH Gold 1

Goals: SAM- Shane Tweedie; CMYH- Dean Simpson; Assists: SAM – Bradon Bragdon, Bryce Gunzinger; Goalies: SAM: Will Hays; CMYH: Dom Dyer

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