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DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do any credit unions give construction loans for building a new home?

ANSWER: Most credit unions do offer construction loans or some kind of financing option for someone building a new home. 

Some local credit unions that do offer construction loans include Rainbow Federal Credit Union, Lisbon Community Federal Credit Union and Maine Family Federal Credit Union.

Some of the items the credit unions may require include the building permit, the deed to the land or a sales agreement and builder’s risk insurance.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My wife makes me a lemon meringue pie without the meringue. It’s really good, but the problem is, after two or three days, a lot of syrupy liquid forms. So the rest of the pie, except for the filling, isn’t any good. What is wrong? No Name, Lisbon Falls.

ANSWER: Sun Spots sought the advice of her friend who is a chef for this response: “The filling for lemon meringue is usually just lemon curd, so I’m not sure why it would water like that. The meringue is normally the cause for that kind of moisture. If she isn’t using lemon curd as the filling, then it could be because the lemon filling was undercooked.” 

In a web search, Sun Spots found a couple tips from Globalpost at http://tinyurl.com/h8sunsv.

“The Upper Crust: To avoid a watery lemon pie, start with a crisp crust. Prepare a single pie crust in a pie pan and chill it slightly. Press a sheet of parchment paper or aluminum foil gently into the pie crust and pour some dry beans or rice over the parchment paper, spreading them evenly.

The dry beans act as a weight, keeping the crust from puffing up as it cooks. Bake the pie crust until it’s golden brown. Remove the beans and bake an additional five minutes or so. Here’s the important part: allow the crust to cool completely on a cooling rack before you add the filling. Pouring filling into a hot crust can make it soggy, which can lead to a weepy pie.

“Simmer and Stir: Most lemon pie fillings are made from a lemon custard thickened with egg yolks, cornstarch and perhaps butter. Cornstarch is an excellent thickener in most regards. It’s inexpensive, widely available and simple to use.

However, if you don’t cook the custard long enough, the amylase enzyme in the egg yolks will cause the custard to break down as it cools, becoming thin and watery. To prevent this problem, cook the lemon filling for at least one to two minutes after bubbles form on the surface, stirring constantly.”

Sun Spots hopes other readers will write in to help you with their tips. 

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