DEAR SUN SPOTS: You do such a good job answering readers questions that I thought I’d ask you one. Is there ever any contest winner in the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes? I never read in the newspaper of any winners. To me, it’s just a hoax to sell magazines if that’s true. It’s sad to think that PCH makes you think you could win only to pull the rug out from under your feet. Any winners in Maine? I do enjoy your column. It’s very informative. Thank you. — No Name, Lewiston.

ANSWER: Publisher’s Clearing House contests are, in fact, real. The organization pays out hundreds of prizes annually, starting as low as $10 and reaching as high as over a million dollars.

However, AARP and other reputable organizations, including the Office of the Maine Attorney General, warn of lottery and sweepstakes scams, some of which style their scams in a similar way as PCH to target vulnerable demographics. So please be careful before playing. Any real PCH contest will not require you to purchase anything to play and will never ask you to pay money upfront to receive your prize. If you’re concerned about whether a contest is a scam, contact your local police department before participating.

The odds of winning prizes in the real PCH contests are quite low, in some cases, lower than playing in a national lottery. On the Publisher’s Clearing House website, the company offers a list of $5,000 or higher prize winners for the past couple of years. The closest winner to Maine on their recent winner’s list is from Methuen, Massachusetts.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you know of a place where you can get an EdenPURE heater serviced? They are out of Ohio. Also, where I can find a hand book for a 2009 Malibu Chevrolet? I am willing to pay a reasonable price for one. I do enjoy reading Sun Spots. You helped out many, me included. — No Name, East Dixfield.

ANSWER: EdenPURE heaters are small portable heater units sold at a number of local stores, but unfortunately, it’s difficult to find a company to do work on them in this area. A call to the EdenPURE company revealed that the closest servicing agent they have listed as being more than 500 miles away from the Lewiston zip code. Sun Spots called several local repairmen and nobody seems to work on that brand. Sun Spots hopes a reader will respond with some local suggestions for you.  

HELLO SUN SPOTS: There was an inquiry in the Jan. 16 column about obtaining a construction loan from credit unions. I work for a builder in Topsham and we are able to build a home without a construction loan. We offer “turn-key” financing and you just have to secure a conventional loan. We work with many credit unions also. You may contact Frank at Hallmark Homes in Topsham at 207-729-1057 or [email protected]. —  Frank Federico

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