100 years ago, 1916
It is understood that an organizer from the Boot & Shoe Workers’ union is soon to arrive in Auburn to investigate conditions relating to the strike at Field Bros. & Gross factory. The plan of procedure has not yet been outlined and the strike leaders are very reticent about discussing matters for publication. The strikers held another meeting yesterday afternoon in Central Labor hall when a committee of two was appointed to make another effort to confer with the management of the factory.

50 years ago, 1966
Long, hard winter ahead? There are those who say we’ve had it already. Today, however, was the day that Mr. Groundhog was to let us all in on the secret — six more insufferable weeks of winter weather, or an early spring? In the Twin Cities, there was a peak of sunshine early in the day, then solid gray clouds moved overhead, preventing the sun from casting a shadow on ground hogs, wherever they might be. So — if he got up early enough to bask in the brief period of sunshine, saw his shadow, and jumped back into his hole, it looks bad. Let’s hope he overslept

25 years ago, 1991
Lewiston-Auburn College has the opportunity to become a nationally recognized model for educational reform, a national school reform advocate said Sunday. Willard R. Daggett told an audience of about 75 that the reforms he advocates are already being implemented at the college. The speech kicked off Community Days at the college. Daggett is director of the Division of Occupational Education Instruction and of school reform in the New York State Education Department.

The material in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors made at that time may be edited.

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