AUBURN — The Sun Journal published a story Jan. 27 about Auburn firefighters rescuing a dog who chewed through a window screen and got onto a porch roof.

Even my dog hasn’t pulled that one yet!

A resident called Fire Chief Frank Roma and asked why firefighters don’t rescue cats in trees.

Roma’s answer: “We don’t on a regular basis get cats out of trees. Typically when a cat climbs up a tree, generally they will get down. It may take a while.”

In his experience, when firefighters have tried to get a cat out of a tree and climb high on a ladder to get to the cat, “the cat climbs higher,” he said. And often the cat doesn’t come willingly.

Whether they help a pet depends on the risk to firefighters. They have rescued pets stuck in a sewer. Last year, they rescued a dog who fell through the ice, Roma said. “It’s all a matter of risk management.”

— Bonnie Washuk

What fuels Dustin Pedroia

LEWISTON — When NESN Sports Broadcaster Tom Caron talked to Lewiston Middle School students Jan. 28, he shared insight about Boston Red Sox star Dustin Pedroia, using him as an example to show how hard work pays off.

Compared to Red Sox player David Ortiz, Pedroia is almost a foot shorter and 100 pounds lighter.

But at 5 feet, 7 inches, Pedroia is one of the team’s biggest stars and has won the league’s Most Valuable Player.

“Growing up a kid he was told by every coach ‘You’re too small,'” Caron said. “In junior high, ‘too small.’ High school, ‘too small.’ College, ‘too small.’ Pro sports, ‘too small.’ He kept proving them wrong. That’s what fuels Dustin Pedroia.”

— Bonnie Washuk

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