NORWAY — The First Universality Church announces its list of Sunday services for February.

Feb. 7 — Marriage in the Modern World: Why Commitment Matters More Than Ever. Charlotte Nolan will discuss how, like old eight-track tapes and CDs that have been replaced by streaming music services, intimate relationships look a lot different than they did 100 years ago. With more and more couples opting for domestic partnership rather than committing to marriage, some question whether the institution itself is outdated. Employing anecdotal evidences from her work with engaged couples, Nolan asserts that love with commitment is alive and well — and more important in this modern world than ever.

Feb. 14 — Love Is the Spirit of this Church. The Rev. Fayre Stephenson will consider the many aspects of love. How do religious traditions influence concepts of love? How do concepts of love influence world views?

Feb. 21 — Call to Prayer. Cindy Reedy recently traveled to Morocco to study under a Fulbright Distinguished Award in teaching. Her mornings began with the nearby mosque calling the faithful to prayer via loudspeaker. She observed daily life in the Islamic state and was given the long history of Morocco’s religious freedom and acceptance. It prompted her to question whether the country would embrace its diverse religious past or adhere to strict dogma to define its future.

Feb. 28 — Loving the Hell Out of the World. The Rev. Stephenson will lead an exploration of honoring human diversity as imbued in the Unitarian Universalist principles, and theological diversity as the key tenet of the Unitarian Universalist tradition. This service will explore the one shared belief that unifies the Unitarian Universalist community.

Sunday services are at 11 a.m. at 479 Main St., with a social hour following. Religious education youth programs and childcare are available.

FMI: [email protected],, 207-743-2828.

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