AUBURN — Residents of the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Home, 85 Caron Lane, were treated to four days of Christmas festivities planned by Rebekah Assembly, President Ernestine MacMillan of Skowhegan and her Home Committee from lodges around the state.

The committee included Sharon LaSota, vice president; Debra Harney, warden; Elaine (Diddie) Barry, treasurer; Judy Clark; Carol Pavone; Muriel Elkins; Bea Wilson; June Lowe; Marilee Perkins; Glenda Knights; and Verna Jones, immediate past president.

The committee decorated the two wings in the nursing home and they put decorations on three floors of the residential side of the home. A large tree covered with blue lights was placed in the living room on the first floor. The activities room was decorated by the activities directors with a tree covered with handcrafted decorations to depict the president’s program for the year.

The committee also visited with the residents, went shopping to buy gifts for the residents, then wrapped them.

The residents put on a program for the committee, including readings and songs depicting the president’s program, followed by music provided by Barry Wood. The kitchen staff served the committee a banquet in appreciation.

Santa (Grand Lodge of Maine Grand Master David Nowak) and his elf (his granddaughter), MacMillan and committee gave out gifts on Dec. 12.

Present Company with Lorna Jollymore at the keyboard and soloists Margaret Dix and Diane Meservier, furnished entertainment. Family and friends, Odd Fellows and Rebekahs came from all over the state to celebrate the annual event. Refreshments were served.

A bouquet of yellow roses, a dog ornament and large plastic glasses were presented to MacMillan. They represented her program for the year. Her special program is to fund eye glasses to those in need in Maine. The dog represented the toy traveling puppy as a fun way to visit other lodges.


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