The Greater Rumford Community Center’s Biggest Loser teams have lost 1,133 pounds total. On Jan. 20 the group total was 816 pounds lost and now, as of Feb 3, they have lost 317 more pounds.

The top three contestants for weight-loss as of Feb. 3 are Rachel Deroch 12.8 pounds, Jason Brown 9.7 pounds, and Theresa Arsenault 9.4 pounds.

The top percentage of weight-loss winners as of of Feb. 3 are Theresa Arsenault 5.2%, Rachel Deroche 4.8%, and Anthony Davis 3.6%.

Contestants also have a private Facebook page where they share recipes, exercise plans, and tips to motivate each other.

GRCC’s Director Gary Dolloff says the center has been very busy with all the contestants working out and attending classes led by the team’s coaches. So far he’s set up one physical challenge for the teams which involved competitors racing up and down the center’s stairways, gathering colored balls, and doing other activities. “People were pushing (encouraging) each other, it was such a great team effort by everyone,” he said.

Contestant Missy Gallant says she did a complete turn-around with her eating habits, eating more natural food, and limiting processed food from her diet. “I’m pretty happy,” she says, because she’s noticed a big difference in how her clothes fit.

The biggest challenge for her is the diet, and she says she has to be careful about overeating at night. A piece of cheese or an apple with peanut butter are snacks that help her at those times. She’s lost 10 pounds since starting the competition in January.

On Tuesday nights Gallant has been going to Body Combat class, led by coach Kimmie Fournier. “It’s 55 minutes of non-stop cardio,” she says. “There are all kinds of age groups in there, and we just do what we can do.” She also says that the basketball court is full of people during the Combat class.

Gallant says she’s most impressed by the coaches who are volunteering their time to teach the classes. Yoga, kick-boxing, step, and spin class are a few of the classes taught by the coaches.

“You really want to keep up with those classes,” she says, and adds that she also enjoys walking outside on the Rumford-Mexico loop, which she says is about 4 miles. “Everybody is helping everybody, and the Facebook site is really good; it’s nice encouragement and recipes,” she adds.

And on the Biggest Loser’s Facebook page Dolloff writes: “Everyone is a winner in this challenge, the teamwork I saw and the effort was incredible. Proud of all of you.”

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