SALEM TOWNSHIP — Regional School Unit 58 Superintendent Susan Pratt told directors Thursday night that the district is getting an additional $159,000 from the state for the next fiscal year.

That means Strong, Kingfield and Avon taxpayers will see a decrease in their share of next year’s school budget. Phillips still should expect a $5,000 increase in its share, because the town’s valuation has increased, according to state revenue calculations.

Pratt told the board last month that even though the proposed budget for 2016-17 is less than last year, which was $9.4 million, the Maine Department of Education would be sending $8,000 less than last year to offset costs to taxpayers.

On Tuesday, she said she received an email with corrected state subsidy figures.

“The first printout from the state had many, many errors,” Pratt said. “We’re going to get an additional $159,000.”

In other matters Thursday, board members reviewed the Mt. Abram Boosters Club’s policies, including membership, meetings, fundraising and distribution of funds and the purpose of the group.

“I’ve had some questions about the district’s relationship with the club,” Pratt said. “It has been an ongoing discussion this year.”

The group has its own account and is not part of the district’s annual audit or oversight. The club does not have a clear public presence and process for adding new members.

“I have a lot of concerns about the funding,” board Chairwoman Kim Jordan said.

Club director Lisa Brackley told the board that the number of active members had declined to three. She said that since the three officers often are together at events, they might make some decisions about activities and fundraising during those unofficial meetings. Each of the sports groups and athletics teams are allowed to apply for up to $500 for their activities.

“We get tons of parents, and they make tons of food and we thank them for everything,” Brackley said. “They just don’t seem to want to come to meetings.”

Members usually are family of children in the district, and they drop out after their children leave the system. Brackley said she assumed leadership responsibilities when several of the original directors stopped attending meetings.

“You need a process to say to them how they can become members,” Pratt said.

Phillips director John Foss cautioned the board to consider the group’s bylaws, accounting system and other details before deciding on any changes.

Pratt will meet with the club officers and report to the board.

In other matters, Madi Faraday, a nurse at the Kingfield Elementary School, received the district’s Employee of the Month award. Pratt said Faraday’s peers appreciated her listening skills, sense of humor and calm approach to problem solving.

“We are lucky to have someone so passionate in this district,” one co-worker wrote.

The board approved the following slate of coaches for the softball and baseball season:

Scott Martin, Strong, boys’ baseball; Jennifer Boyd, Kingfield, girls’ softball; Lanie Roy, Kingfield, boys’ baseball; Amy Arms, Phillips, girls’ softball; Kawika Thompson, Phillips, boys’ baseball; Tom McCafferty, Mt. Abram High School, junior varsity baseball.

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