This is a response to Bob Pelletier’s letter (March 25). Once again, another of his faceless, non-substantive letters has made the Opinion Page. In my four-plus years as Mayor, I cannot remember him appearing before the City Council to suggest ways to cut the budget. But that would take sand and intellect.

As elected officials, we are fair game for criticism. But Pelletier crossed the line when he criticized Lewiston’s hard-working dedicated employees.

Lewiston’s city administrator is one of the most knowledgeable in the state. He built Bangor. The finance director has reduced Lewiston’s debt by tens of millions of dollars.

During the winter, I repeatedly heard about how good Lewiston’s roadways are compared to neighboring towns, proving we have an exceptional public works director. In fact, all Lewiston’s department heads are competent, dedicated and exceptional.

Those department heads create a budget that addresses worker safety, guaranteeing employees have the equipment needed to do their job professionally.

City employees receive fair compensation for the work they are asked to do. Suggesting that those not residing in Lewiston are not dedicated to the city is a direct affront to them.

Perhaps Pelletier could show up at our March 31 workshop and point out the alleged waste that exists in the public works budget. Better yet, he should run for a City Council seat in 2017, in order to enlighten city officials in the proper way to pare down a budget.

Robert Macdonald, mayor of Lewiston

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