LEWISTON — The School Committee will vote on the proposed $68.8 million budget for 2016-17 on Monday, April 4.

The meeting is set for 6:45 p.m. in Dingley Building, 36 Oak St.

The spending plan is 6.3 percent more than this year’s budget, which was $64.7 million.

About $19 million would be paid by local property tax payers; about $46 million by the state; and about $3 million from other sources.

If the budget is approved as proposed, taxes on a property valued at $150,000 would go up $33. By comparison in Auburn, a 4.8 percent increase budget recommendation would result in a tax increase of about $123 for a $150,000 home.

However, a larger state homestead property tax exemption offered by the state would mean smaller property tax increases in most homes. In Lewiston, the same property tax hike would decrease by about $25, even after the $33 increase is factored in. 

The biggest factor in the higher budget is the increase in students, Superintendent Bill Webster has said, but next year, the state will reimburse Lewiston for the growing number of students.

Lewiston had 5,431 students in October 2015, or 270 more than the spring of 2015.

If approved by the School Committee, the budget will go to the City Council and then a public vote May 10.

Lewiston’s education spending compared to the state average is:

• Overall per student: Lewiston $10,951; state average $12,551.

• Regular instruction per student: Lewiston $4,744; state average $6,401.

• Special education per student: Lewiston $2,648; state average $1,953.

• Career education per student: Lewiston $542; state average $255.

• Superintendent’s office administration: Lewiston $215; state average $370.

• School principals and administration: Lewiston $478; state average $666.

• Transportation: Lewiston $569; state average $690.

• Building maintenance, debt: Lewiston $1,755; state average $2,216.

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