LIVERMORE FALLS — So you got a parking fine and your inspection sticker is expired. What to do?

For one local woman, the answer was obvious. Police say she took the fine reminder, issued by the city of Auburn, and crafted it into a makeshift inspection sticker. Voila!

The stickers almost looks real if you squint a little.

Livermore Falls police said they discovered the bogus inspection sticker during a routine stop on Campground Road. The woman in question was charged with all kinds of fictions: driving with a false inspection sticker, with false plates and with a license that had been suspended.

“We gave her a B+ for her artistic abilities,” Livermore police wrote on their Facebook page, “an A for effort, a slight chuckle for the material used to make the fake sticker with, and three criminal summons.”

The woman was not identified. However, that did not inhibit fans of the Facebook page from heaping ridicule upon her. By Thursday afternoon, the post had been shared nearly 1,500 times and the comments just kept coming.

“She should have used a color printer,” one man wrote. “Ha ha!”

“Looks like she never passed art class,” offered another.

The discussion then devolved into a debate about whether the inspection process is Maine is legitimate or should be abolished.

Police said they encounter bogus stickers from time to time and that officers are trained to distinguish the real thing from the fakes.

“It is pretty common,” said Auburn Deputy Police Chief Jason Moen. “Our traffic officers have developed a pretty keen eye in spotting them; however, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one so crude! We certainly got a chuckle out of it …”

Police in Livermore Falls, meanwhile, took the opportunity to alert people — you know, just in case that wasn’t clear — that creating a fake inspection sticker is a Class E crime, punishable by up to six months in county jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

It’s something the woman charged should keep in mind: Her fake inspection sticker expires in May.

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