Devin Ferreira is unstoppable in his love of music and teaching.

The New Sharon native and 2007 Mt. Blue High School graduate has composed an energetic hip-hop theme song, titled “Unstoppable,” for the Boston Marathon, which takes place Monday. As he shared in a recent email, music has been a lifelong passion.

“I have always been into rapping and playing instruments,” he said. “With the help of my mother Patty, (a teacher at Cape Cod Hill School in New Sharon), I created my first mix tape at age 6.”

Two years later, Ferreira started playing saxophone. At age 10, he got into some classic hip-hop albums.

After graduating from Mt. Blue in Farmington, he attended UMass-Lowell, pursuing a degree in music business.

“I figured if I was going to enter such a competitive industry, I wanted to have as much knowledge as possible,” he said. “This degree allowed me to figure out how the music industry operates, as well as create a great network for myself.”

Ferreira completed his undergraduate degree in 2011, and took his community engagement work to the next level. In 2013, he completed a Master of Education program at Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass.

“This is an incredible program that taught me all about collaborating cross-culturally and understanding cultural traditions, meanwhile creating my graduate thesis on hip-hop integrated in the curriculum.”

Ferreira believes that “success resembles hard work and dedication.”

Throughout his life, he has taken advantage of every opportunity to perform his music for people, from crowded auditoriums to dimly lit open mic nights for small groups. It was on one of these open mic nights that the opportunity to write and perform the Boston Marathon theme song started.

“I caught the attention of someone who works for the creative services department at CBS’ Boston network, WBZ,” he said. “Over the years, we built a friendship, and one day years later he asked me if I was interested in writing a theme song for the Boston Marathon.”

After numerous revisions to get the final product, the song was complete. It is a tribute to the strength of Boston’s people and those participating in the marathon. The message is especially meaningful when thinking about how the 2013 bombings shook the marathon and the city.

“It was truly devastating and scary to think it was happening in our very own city,” said Ferreira, who was home that day writing his graduate thesis. “What was more powerful was the way Boston bonded together and showed the world that we are truly Boston Strong. Love is always more powerful than hate.”

He shows this same compassion and determination in teaching children at the Mattapan Teen Center in Mattapan, Mass., through the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston. Ferreira is the performing arts director and teaches songwriting, recording, and performing, along with dance and theater arts.

Over the past seven years of working at Camp Harbor View in Boston Harbor, Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club, Charlestown Boys and Girls Club and now the Mattapan Teen Center, he has had the joy of working with more than 3,000 Boston youths.

“The marathon video has been great for my career and I appreciate that, but inspiring young people to pursue their dreams is what wakes me up every morning,” he said. “I want to show my kids that they’re in a formula to success.”

The formula, he said, starts with a great deal of love as a foundation. Then, mix in a burning passion for achieving your greatest dream, looking to better the world along the way. You also need to work tirelessly every day and stay dedicated to accomplishing your goal no matter what roadblocks come before you.

“And lastly, sprinkle all that with a great deal of faith that God will never give you more than you can handle and that you are right where you are supposed to be at that very time,” he said.

To listen to “Unstoppable,” along with Ferreira’s new album, Urban Classic, go to iTunes. Check out his website,, for his entire discography.

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