Tuck Tucker has a fun name. That’s fitting for a guy who’s known for unleashing verbal wit and physical comedy that elicits snorts and guffaws across New England.

Tucker, one of several comedians coming to Lewiston for an event April 30, doesn’t just deliver the wit, he teaches others in the ways of stand-up comedy, helping the shy to bypass the dread of public speaking. He also has some exclusive, behind-the-scenes info on the season finale of “The Walking Dead.”

And if you believe that, Tucker would also like you to pull his finger.

Who are you and when did you become funny? Hi, my name is Tuck Tucker. That’s not a stutter. I’m a guy that does a lot of local comedy. I have been performing stand-up for about 12 years and improv for about 17. When did I realize I was funny? There is still debate out there if I’m funny now! The short answer is “I don’t know.” The true answer is probably when I made the first cute girl laugh.

Word is you’re teaching stand-up. What’s that all about? Teaching stand-up: I’m teaching an adult ed. stand-up workshop on Wednesday nights at Lewiston High School. It’s going amazing. My students have really embraced the process and a few have already booked themselves on some open mics in Portland. Stand-up is basically public speaking. Public speaking is the No. 1 fear in the world (more than death!). So for these individuals to work their fears, tap into their creativity and perform is an amazing thing to watch. By the way, we have a graduation show on April 27th at Guthries in Lewiston. 7 p.m.

What’s the hardest part of stand-up comedy? The hardest part of stand-up is getting up in front of people and being comfortable. Actually, you will never be comfortable, but you can work through the fear. Fake it ’til you make it. In addition, the hardest part of stand-up is being able to take rejection. At first, you are going to bomb. You are going to bomb often. You are going to bomb big time! “To bomb” means to not do well in our world. To suck! If you stick with it and keep getting on stage you finally begin to see results. You get the unexpected laugh. You begin to learn how to really sell your jokes. The process can take a while. This is were most beginners just quit. They can’t take the rejection at first, the bomb, they quit. I’ve seen hundreds that just can’t cut it and quit.

What the easiest? The drive to the gig.

Who do you suppose clubbed Negan in the season finale of “The Walking Dead?” Now we are getting to some good questions! I’ve never watched “The Walking Dead,” but I think I can figure this one out. If we look at the name Negan. It’s a pretty stupid name. I would kill the guy just for having that name. Unless Negan is a woman; then I would kill her for the stupid name. If we break the name down into two parts we have Ann Eg. Is there a character called Ann Eg on “The Walking Dead”? I would look at her first. Anyway, personally I’m glad Negan got killed. Negan sounds like someone that eats paste.

What do you have coming up? For my show dates go to www.TuckTucker.com. Thanks for the mini interview, it was something!

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