GOOD MORNING SUN SPOTS: A while back, I had asked for someone to come to my home and appraise my various collections, including original Hummels, milk glass, salt cellars, etc.  A gentleman did answer my request at a time that was chaotic for me, and I misplaced his number. Hopefully, he’ll read Sun Spots and remember. I can be reached at 786-2574 or leave a message. Thanks, and have a glorious day. — Gail, No Town.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have another song I’d like your help finding the lyrics to. Part of the words are, “A laughing baby boy, one evening in his play, disturbed the household with his noisy glee…” I would like to know the rest of the words. Thank you. — Heather Rose, Norway.

ANSWER: This tune, originally performed by Roy Acuff and co-written by Acuff and Hugh Cross, shares the heartbreaking story of a parent losing a young, once-healthy and happy child, presumably to a sudden tragic illness. “Don’t Make Me Go to Bed (And I’ll Be Good)” first appeared around 1942 or 1943. Here are the lyrics:

A laughing baby boy one evening in his play

Disturbed the household with his noisy glee

I warned him to be quiet but he soon would disobey

For he would soon forget a word from me

I called him to my side and said now son you go to bed

Your conduct has been very very rude

With quivering lips and tear filled eyes he pleaded then with me

Don’t make me go to bed and I’ll be good

Don’t papa and I’ll be good don’t papa and I’ll be good

That’s what I heard him say and it haunts me night and day

Don’t make me go to bed and I’ll be good

Our lives have just been gladdened by his bright ascending beam

Our boy now in our heart was very dear

We hastened to his bed one night he was talking in his sleep

He didn’t seem to know that we were near

I took him in my arms and found his body raked with pain

To ease the pain we did the best we could

It broke my heart to hear him crying loudly in his sleep

Don’t make me go to bed and I’ll be good

All night and day we watched and prayed we never left his side

To give him up it seemed we never could

It broke my heart to hear him crying just before he died

Don’t make me go to bed and I’ll be good

Don’t papa and I’ll be good

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