Voters in Jay, Livermore and Livermore Falls on Tuesday narrowly approved the Regional School Unit 73 budget of $18.8 million for 2016-17.

They also approved continuing the budget validation referendum process for the next three years.

Voting was light for all towns. 

“For something that’s so important and affects people’s taxes, turnout is really low,” Town Clerk Renda Guild said just after 4 p.m.  

For most of the day, the voting booths remained empty in Livermore Falls.

“People have no inkling of the importance of this vote,” Deputy Clerk Dawn Young said. “They just don’t care.” 

In Jay, the municipal budget and elections were also being decided. Some voters did not vote on the school budget questions.

“Typical numbers for a municipal vote,” Town Clerk Ronda Palmer said.  

Question 1 to approve the budget:

Town                        Yes               No            Total votes cast   Total number voters

Jay                           217               196                      413                           417                        

Livermore                52                58                       110                           110

Liv. Falls                  37                 39                        76                             76

Totals                     306              293                      599                           603

Question 2 to continue budget validation process:

Town                       Yes               No              Total votes cast   Total number voters

Jay                          288              122                      410                           417

Livermore               83                27                      110                           110

Liv. Falls                 48                28                        76                             76

Totals                     419               177                      596                         603

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