DIXFIELD — Residents at Thursday evening’s annual town meeting approved a $129,443 debt service budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

The budget was split into three line items:

• $46,737 for a firetruck payment;

• $13,941 for a plow truck payment; and

• $68,765 for a road construction payment.

The budget was $22,252 less than the previous year.

Resident Dan McKay asked Puiia how much longer the town had to pay off the three items.

Puiia said there were nine years remaining on the firetruck payment, three years remaining on the plow truck payment, and 19 years remaining on the road construction payment.

The debt service budget was the sole municipal budget item voted on Thursday, giving residents a change to ask questions and discuss the article.

At Monday’s Board of Selectmen meeting, Puiia told residents the rest of the budget items will be voted on by secret ballot June 14, which doesn’t allow for questions and discussion.

Also Thursday, residents unanimously approved authorizing the town to repair and maintain the private upper section of Science Hill Road to prevent erosion and better maintain the town’s lower end of the road.

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