PERU — The Board of Selectmen agreed Monday to look at the two maple trees outside the Peru Community Center on Main Street to see if any dead branches need to be removed.

Town Clerk Vera Parent said Yvonne Allen, a member of the Friends of Peru Elementary School and co-manager of the Peru Community Center’s Consignment Shop, pointed out that a lot of the branches on the trees were dying and falling off.

Board of Selectmen Chairman Larry Snowman said he knew there were a lot of dead limbs on the trees and that the town should look into it so “dead branches don’t fall down while people are walking under them.”

“Maybe it’s something we can have the town crew look at, or at least see if it’s feasible to have them do it,” he said.

“Can’t two old guys like you and I do it?” Selectman Jim Pulsifer asked.

Snowman laughed and said, “I think we ought to at least take a look and see how many dead branches there are, and how high up they are, because I’m not 18 years old anymore.”

The board agreed to look at the branches, evaluate which ones needed to be removed and revisit the issue at a later meeting.

In other business, Snowman asked that the rest of the board and others at the meeting have a moment of silence for Steve Fuller, who was killed Saturday morning when a tree he was cutting down struck and killed him.

“He did a lot for the town,” Snowman said later in the meeting. “He’s going to be missed.”

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