DEAR SUN SPOTS: As we were putting up American flags on about 43 mail boxes on Old Webster Road, most people were very appreciative of our efforts. One homeowner came out and gave us a $20 donation. This was such a surprise to us, as we didn’t expect it to happen, but it did and we would very much like to thank this man in honor of our American flag. Thank you very much.

Then, on Sunday, May 1, while having breakfast at a restaurant on Lisbon Street in Lewiston, this man was telling us how grateful he was that there were still nice people around. He had lost his wallet in the driveway and someone returned it intact. We shared with him about the man who gave us the $20 donation for the flags on Old Webster Road and how shocked we were over the donation. Little did we know, someone overheard our conversation abut the flags and paid for our breakfast. Shocked again!

Thank you to that couple for the good deed you did that day. This was very appreciated, and yes, we will pass it on. Thank you for your kindness. — Irene and Donald, Lewiston.

ANSWER: Thank you so much for sharing your stories of kindness. Sun Spots truly believes that kindness breeds kindness, and your story is proof.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I came across an ad in Down East Magazine for 16 free issues. How are these obtained? Thank you. — No Name, Greene.

ANSWER: If you purchase a two-year subscription to Down East Magazine at their special price of $1.88 per issue, that represents a savings off the newsstand price equivalent to 16 free issues. Call (800) 727-7422 for subscriber services.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On May 21, St. Mary’s Food Pantry will collect food and donations at Shaw’s Supermarkets in Auburn and Lewiston from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. They will have a school bus in front of each store to collect food, which will be given to families in need here in Auburn/Lewiston. A truck would be easier to load and unload the food, so why is the food pantry using a school bus?

Of course the bright yellow bus is eye-catching and helps draw attention to the collection that day, but it has a much more symbolic meaning. St. Mary’s is collecting food to feed hungry families, including the many children who live in poverty. During the school year, children are able to access good food through school breakfast and lunch programs. But, during the summer months, that access is drastically reduced. During those summer months, demand for food, especially food for families with school age children increases. St. Mary’s Food Pantry needs your help to meet that increased need.

On May 21, purchase an extra jar of peanut butter, box of pasta, a canned good, or any nonperishable food and place it in the collection bins at Shaw’s to be placed on the buses. You can also make a cash donation to any of our volunteers that day. Donations allow the pantry to purchase food at a reduced rate through the Good Shepherd Food Bank. Donations can be made any time to St. Mary’s Food Pantry, PO Box 7291, Lewiston, ME 04243. For more information, please call the pantry at (207) 513-3841. Thank you. — Bettyann, Auburn.

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