LEWISTON — A new Lewiston public health group will carry on where a joint Lewiston and Auburn committee left off, councilors agreed Tuesday.

“It will now be the Lewiston Area Public Health Committee and it allows for membership not just from this community but other communities as well,” Deputy City Administrator Phil Nadeau said.

City councilors officially ended an agreement with Auburn that created the original group. Auburn councilors voted Monday to end the health group.

The group of about 30 members — from both cities, hospitals and health and safety agencies — began meeting in 2008 to discuss community health issues, including bedbugs, drug abuse and lead paint in housing.

Nadeau said the group rewrote some of its bylaws last fall and submitted them to the city councils for review. Lewiston councilors approved the new bylaws in February.

In Auburn, the matter was referred to the City Council’s Economic and Community Development subcommittee, but it was never discussed.

Lewiston councilors voted 7-0 to end the old committee Tuesday.

With the old group gone, councilors then voted to create the new Lewiston-area committee. It will be made up of nine members, including a city councilor, a School Committee representative, four residents, two health experts or practitioners and a representative from a local community organization.

The group will advise councilors on policy issues related to public health.

Nadeau said he had already received inquiries from residents interested in sitting on the new committee.

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